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About us

Founded in Toronto, Canada Headquartered in Toronto, Canada

Our inspiration to build Launchpad, a singularly focused place in the Cloud for Machine Learning came from a combination of factors.

The main one being the essential component in developing all Ai / ML models — computing infrastructure and its related cost. Led by a small team of entrepreneurs with extensive technology backgrounds and with input from thought leaders at the University of Toronto, Radium began the journey. A clean sheet approach has informed our simple goal: to build the best place in the Cloud for the development and deployment of Machine Learning, from server and network infrastructure to platform architecture and integrations. The goal reduce model training time and by extension, training / development costs

One Platform - All resources

The best of both worlds - a public Cloud with the benefits of a private Cloud

Radium has been working for over two-and-a-half years designing, developing, building, partnering, integrating, and automating solutions to problems with existing Public Cloud offerings: data migration, egress charges, latency, support.

the team

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